Rockefeller applauds new ban on texting for commercial drivers

In October, Rockefeller said people “are driving lethal weapons,” and sending text messages while doing so is “the grossest kind of negligence, yet it is part of our lives."
Rockefeller said more than 812,000 drivers are using their cell phones while behind the wheel at any given moment. In 2008, 5,800 people were killed due to distracted drivers.

Rockefeller also asked the FCC to evaluate technologies, such as hands-free systems for cellphones, to help reduce distractions behind the wheel.

Some companies already have texting bans in place for their employees who drive commercial vehicles.

But there are questions about how the ban will be enforced. The Transportation Department says it will work with cellphone companies for ideas. If commercial drivers are caught texting, the fine could be as high as $2,700.