Texas Democrats worry Google deal will leave out small, minority publishers

The Google Books settlement could violate the rights of minority and small publishers who are not part of the class action lawsuit, two Texas Democrats said.

The Justice Department is expected to file its opinion on the revised settlement tomorrow.

"The proposed settlement was negotiated between Google and the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild, but it would affect every author and publisher in the country," said Rep. Charlie Gonzalez. "Digital book distribution holds out great potential and we have to see that progress makes the most of this technology for everyone, not just for the largest players."

Rep. Gene Green said, "We don't want this settlement process to go forward if it will not protect the work of small and minority publishers." In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, the Congressmen asked him to scrutinize the the settlement, which was filed in November, and to make sure all publishers are represented and protected.

The Justice Department raised a host of concerns with the original settlement reached between Google and authors and publishers, causing the parties to withdraw and revise their agreement. Observers are eagerly waiting on Justice's opinion of the new agreement, which will be a good indication of whether it will be approved in court.

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