Toyota's Lentz to hold live interview on Digg today

A few examples: "What car do you drive?" and "When will Toyota start making hybrid cars that aren't ugly as sin?"

Digg strikes me as an unusual platform for a live interview of this nature, but Lentz is in good company. Past Digg Dialogg guests include FCC Chair Julius Genachowski, actor Matt Damon, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Google exec Marissa Mayer.

Lentz is reponsible for the sales and marketing of Toyota, Scion and Lexus vehicles in the U.S.

Digg says he'll talk about what the heck happened that led to the recalls, what the company is doing to fix it and what Toyota owners need to know.

Sure, it's a good public relations move for a company that's come under such harsh criticism in the past two weeks. But with analysts saying it usually takes more than a generation for a car company to gain back consumer trust after an incident like this, I'm not sure how much live online chats can ease the pain.