WH science and technology hub gets a Web upgrade

The White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy now has a Web site that -- in their own words -- isn't "so 1990s."

OSTP officials unveiled their new Web presence in a semi-humorous blog post on Wednesday, which admits the new site is far easier to navigate and use than its predecessor. (Check the link for a before-and-after shot of the site.)

Most of the Web site's key features remain the same -- it still has a blog, contains a forum, features a pressroom and details relevant budget data. There are some new features too: namely, a rotating news carousel on its home page.

However, this weekend's snowstorm has prevented the staff from completing the entire site, explained OSTP's Phillip Larson in a blog post.

A number of documents available on the old site have not yet been migrated to the new site, he explained. Additionally, comments on the blog remain disabled, as the OSTP switches from Wordpress to Drupal.