Canada to examine Google Buzz

On the heels of a privacy group's request for the U.S. government to investigate potential privacy violations of Google's new social networking tool, Canada's privacy office said it will also take a closer look. 

A spokeswoman for Canada's privacy commissioner told CBC News that the agency was evaluating whether Google Buzz violated the country's laws.

"We understand the public concern about privacy issues related to Google Buzz," the spokeswoman said, as first reported by PC Magazine. "Our office is looking at the issue."

The Electronice Privacy Information Center, a Washington non-profit, asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Google Buzz for being careless with Gmail users' address book contacts, revealing private relationships that spurred loud criticism of the social networking feature.

Google quickly responded by changing the settings and allowing users to opt out of Google Buzz entirely. The company apologized for harm it caused users and vowed to address concerns.