Dems coordinate Twitter icons to show stimulus support

Democrats sought to get their supporters all in line on Twitter with an icon campaign on Thursday.

Organizing for America (OFA), President Barack Obama's campaign arm administered through the Democratic National Committee (DNC), urged the president's supporters to change their Twitter pictures to a chart showing slowing job losses since Obama took office.

The chart was crafted to mark the one-year anniversary of Obama signing his $787 stimulus bill into law, an anniversary commemorated yesterday with a back-and-forth between Democrats and Republicans over the impact of the bill.

The DNC's official Twitter urged followers to make their way to OFA's site, where there's a button to change users' avatars to the graph. DemocratsDotOrg tweeted:

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Swap your icon to help show that we're on the road to recovery: #RecoveryAct

The picture campaign marks a grassroots campaign online for the Democrats in defense of the stimulus. And at least three of the Democrats' top spokesmen are on the message: DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse, and press secretaries Hari Sevugan and Brandi Hoffine have changed their pictures to the graph.

Cross-posted to The Twitter Room.