Ed. Sec. Duncan pitches tech as key component of school reform

According to the Education Department, Duncan's forthcoming tech plan is a "context and vision" for how information and communication tools can be better incorporated in all classrooms.

"The plan will provide a set of concrete goals to inform state and local educational technology plans as well as recommendations to inspire research, development and innovation," the department has said.

Duncan previewed some of those overarching strategies during his speech on Thursday. He said the proposal would emphasize five goals: creating a better learning experience, better measuring student achievement, improving teaching resources, connecting students to broadband Internet and boosting productivity.

The secretary described all of those goals — long part of the White House's education strategy — as more attainable with the help of a forward-thinking, tech-based education plan.

"With the first decade of the 21st century now history, we've committed to securing the vitality of our nation by transforming the way we teach our students," Duncan said. "We aim to build a public education system that helps all students set goals, stay in school, earn a high school diploma and secure college and career success."