FCC: Install ultra-fast broadband on military bases

The FCC is recommending that the Defense Department equip select military bases and camps with ultra high-speed broadband service for military personnel and their families.

“These military communities should be first in line to benefit from the latest technologies and ultra high-speed connectivity," said FCC chairman Julius Genachowski. "This initiative also has the potential to help spur development of the next generation of broadband applications that take advantage of ultra-high speeds.”

Military facilities usually already have broadband connections. But the FCC thinks the facilities are ideal places for faster speeds because of the large number of people stationed there and the variety of services they provide.

In the National Broadband Plan, which will be unveiled Tuesday, the FCC will recommend the Defense Department create a task force with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to help select the facilities and the speeds that will be supported.

"I'm extremely pleased that the National Broadband Plan will recognize the central role that communications technologies play not only in the training and education of military personnel, but also in that of their families," said Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Cheryl J. Roby.