FCC unveils executive summary of National Broadband Plan

“The National Broadband Plan is a 21st century roadmap to spur economic growth and investment, create jobs, educate our children, protect our citizens, and engage in our democracy,” said Chairman Julius Genachowski. “It’s an action plan, and action is necessary to meet the challenges of global competitiveness, and harness the power of broadband to help address so many vital national issues.”

Ultimately, the FCC said it drafted its report with six goals in mind, which the agency implored lawmakers to treat as a "compass over the next decade."

The National Broadband Plan repeats the FCC's ambitious goal of installing broadband connections of at least 100 megabits per second in 100 million American homes -- with faster connections available at "anchor institutions," like hospitals and schools, "every American community."

The plan also pushes the United States to "lead the world in mobile innovation and focus more extensively on covering areas still underserved by high-speed Internet.

The FCC also calls for the creation of a "nationwide, wireless, interoperable broadband safety network" to help first responders in national emergencies. The agency finally expresses hope that private utilities will partner with broadband firms to allow Americans to track their utility use in pursuit of a more "clean energy" driven economy.