Glickman takes final bow as head of MPAA

Dan Glickman, outgoing chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, gave his last major address today in Las Vegas, touting the movie industry's "power to change people's lives and, in doing so, to change the world."

Glickman said the era of 3-D movies is bringing people back to the theatres, as demonstrated by recent news that the 2009 box office saw a return to growth in U.S. admissions. But as always, there are challenges in racing to keep up with the latest digital techniques.

"Technology will help resolve these issues in a balanced and fair way, while opening new opportunities for creators to share their works with the world," he said at the ShoWest convention.

The protection of intellectual process must remain a priority for the movie inudstry that supports more than 2.4 million American jobs in every state of the country. The Pro-IP Act laid a strong foundation for IP protection, he said.

Glickman announced the relaunch of

“We’re hoping this will provide some added transparency, shining a light on how the process works and promoting better understanding of the lesser-known, but equally important Advertising Administration, which strives to ensure every piece of movie advertising is appropriate for the audiences that see it,” he said.

Glickman is leaving the MPAA in April to become president of Refugees International. A search is still underway to fill the position, which is widely considered to be the most glamorous lobbying job in Washington.

“Movies will always be my first love,” he said. “But now I get to follow my heart back into public service.”

He concluded by saying, “I won’t say goodbye — just ‘see you at the movies.’ ”