SCOTUS unveils new website

Critics of the Supreme Court's once archaic website are bound to appreciate the high bench's new online presence, debuted Friday.

The neThe new SCOTUS sitew site "has an updated and more user-friendly design," court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Friday in a press release.

Aesthetics aside, the new page (left) also includes a new oral argument calendar, better graphics, robust historic archives and improved search capabilities, she said. Additionally, many of the site's  features -- bar admission forms, transcripts, rules and other documents -- are still available online.

Ultimately, the redesign corresponds with the Supreme Court's newly gained stewardship over its own online presence.

altPreviously, the Government Printing Office managed the page (right) -- a responsibility the office has had since the site was created 10 years ago, according to the bench.

Now, the Supreme Court will manage its own pages, thanks to new funding authorized as part of the 2010 budget.