Report: D.C. at top of cybercrime list

Washington D.C. has the third-highest Internet crime rate of any U.S. city, a leading security firm revealed Monday.

On Symantec's list of "Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities," the nation's capital ranks only behind Seattle and Boston for its abundance of cybercrimes, including Internet fraud. 

Filling out the rest of the list are San Francisco, Raleigh, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver, Austin and Portland, according to Symantec.

By contrast, Detroit is the least Internet crime-ridden city in the United States, the report found.

At least in D.C.'s case, Symantec speculates the city has a high online crime rate "perhaps due in part to [its] large number of WiFi hotspots."

"With more people than ever relying on the Internet to stay in touch, shop and pay their bills, feeling confident and secure in our information-driven world is vital," Norton's Marian Merritt said of the report.

"This study highlights the cities most at risk of cybercrime and reminds individuals, families and businesses across the country of the hazards they face each time they go online," she said.