Tech CEOs will advocate for innovation policy tomorrow

Technology company CEOs will be in Washington on Wednesday to meet with senior Obama officials and congressional leaders to talk up the importance of innovation to the economy's recovery and job growth.

The CEOs are members of TechNet, which represents firms such as Cisco, Apple and Microsoft. They plan to advocate for a three-pronged approach to innovation policy:

--improving the nation's education system and support
--fostering a globally competitive business climate
--driving investment for clean technology and "21st century energy solutions"

To that end, TechNet released results from a poll conducted by Zogby International that show the nation's education system lags far behind other innovation centers around the world.

The key findings from the survey:

--78 percent of voters surveyed said America's schools are failing to adequately prepare our children for the high-skilled jobs of the future
--66 percent of voters support bringing in high-skilled workers from other countries through the legal immigration process if an American is not available to fill the job.
   (20 percent believe the job should be left open.)
--58 percent of those surveyed believe a foreign country will drive the most technological innovation in the next decade.
--91 percent said broadband is somewhat or very important to their lives.
--28 percent said the technology sector has the most potential to help the economy and create jobs, another 28 percent said green energy has the most potential.

"This new survey clearly demonstrates a growing awareness among the American people that innovation and discovery are vital to our economic future," said Rey Ramsey, TechNet president and CEO. "Our message to our elected leaders is that we must act to ensure that America remains the global center of innovation and economic growth and the technology industry will be a strong partner in that process."