'America's Most Wanted' host pushes Obama to fund online database of sex offenders

"America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh stars in the following video to describe the power of the Internet in tracking down criminals.

He said the show's website alone has helped catch 40 fugitives. And while the Web has become a haven for some criminals, he said it has also become a crime-fighting tool. The video is part of Broadband for America's series about how the Web has changed our lives.

Walsh's own son, Adam, was abducted from a shopping mall when he was 6 years old. Three years ago, President George W. Bush passsed the Adam Walsh Act to create a National Sexual Offender Registry--an online database that would hold the names of over 100,000 convicted rapists and sexual predators. But the government has not appropriated the necessary funds to create the database.

President Barack Obama said he will work with Congress to make the funds available to the states.