Matsui drafting smart grid legislation

Rep. Doris Matsui, (D-Calif.) said she's working on smart grid legislation as it relates to broadband.

"The Plan recognizes the critical role that broadband will play in moving our nation toward a more sustainable path of greater energy independence and efficiency by including a series of recommendations to modernize our nation’s Smart Grid," she said in her prepared opening remarks at today's hearing held by the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet.

"I plan to introduce legislation in the coming weeks that would compliment many of the FCC recommendations on Smart Grid so this nation can promote a smarter electric grid that empowers consumers to make choices that can save us energy, and can save them money."

Yesterday, the House Environmental Subcommittee passed a bill to take measures to protect the smart grid from cyber attacks and other telecom-related intrusions.

Matsui will release more details about her own bill in the coming weeks.