Snowe urges spectrum reform

That is why I intend to introduce comprehensive spectrum reform legislation in the coming weeks to modernize policy and fix fundamental deficiencies in our nation’s radio spectrum management and coordination activities. Taking this corrective action will allow us to meet the future telecommunications needs of all spectrum users. For consumers, these fixes will lead to additional choices, greater innovation, lower prices and more reliable services.

Specifically, this legislation will task the FCC and NTIA to perform much-needed spectrum measurements to determine actual usage and occupancy rates. This data is fundamental to determining utilization metrics for different wireless services so that policymakers and the public can make informed decisions about future spectrum uses. Also required is a cost-benefit analysis of spectrum relocation opportunities to move certain incumbent users and services to more efficient spectrum bands. Many legacy wireless services could employ newer technologies to provide more efficient use of spectrum.

In addition, my bill requires greater collaboration between the FCC and NTIA on spectrum policy and management-related issues, implementation of spectrum sharing and reuse programs, as well as more market-based incentives to promote efficient spectrum use. It also sets a deadline for the creation of the National Strategic Spectrum Plan, which will provide a long-term vision for domestic spectrum use and strategies to meet those needs.  While the National Broadband Plan touches on several of these areas, my legislation will provide greater assistance in developing a 21st century comprehensive spectrum policy necessary to meet the future spectrum needs of all users. Because we must not forget that spectrum is essential for not just wireless broadband but also surveillance, imaging radar, radio navigation such as GPS, and several other radio-based services."