Elmo and 'Chairman Julius' banter on broadband plan

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski loves the Internet. And so too, apparently, does Sesame Street's Elmo, who joined Genachowski for a rather entertaining conversation about the FCC's new National Broadband Plan last week.

"Elmo's Internet is too slow, too slow," he tells Genachowski in the clip, emphasizing his love for streaming video. "Too much buffering... No more buffering!"

That sends Genachowski into a brief discussion about the educational benefits of high-speed broadband, which the FCC hopes to install in more than 100 million households by 2020.

"Is it fast, fast, fast?" Elmo asks.

"It is fast, fast, fast," replies an emphatic 'Chairman Julius,' as Elmo calls him.

Basically, we at Hillicon Valley cannot possibly do this video any more justice, which begins with something of a pre-event blooper real. You really ought to watch it for yourself: