Hutchison: Court ruling proves FCC's lack of authority over Internet

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee, said she is pleased with the court's decision to overturn the FCC's 2008 order against Comcast.

“This decision highlights what many already believed, the FCC does not have authority to act in this area,”  Hutchison said.  “It would be wrong to double down on excessive and burdensome regulations, and I hope the FCC Chairman will now reconsider his decision to pursue expanded commission authority over broadband services in current proceedings before the agency."

Hutchison threatened to block the FCC from enacting net neutrality rules when FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed them in October.

"The Internet has grown and flourished without federal regulations because it has been able to evolve to meet rapid changes without government roadblocks holding up progress,” she said.