Report: Recession took toll on U.S. high-tech employment

After four years of steady growth, the high-tech industry lost 245,600 jobs in 2009, or 4 percent of its workforce, according to the Cyberstates report released today by TechAmerica.

Engineering and tech services jobs suffered the biggest blow, losing 59,000 jobs. Communications services shed 53,000 jobs. Software services lost 20,700 jobs.

Some states did manage to add tech jobs in 2008, however. California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts and Virginia added the most. Virginia had the highest concentration of tech workers for the fourth straight year.

But Oregon, New Mexico, Arkansas, Puerto Rico and Michigan all lost more than 1,000 jobs in 2008.

By employment, the top cyberstates:
    --California: 993,300
    --Texas: 492,400
    --New York: 312,300
    --Florida: 292,300
    --Virginia: 283,400

By salary, the top cyberstates:

    --California: $105,500
    --Massachusetts: $102,300
    --Washington: $97,900
    --New Jersey: $95,800
    --District of Columbia: $92,600