Ways and Means among many committees on Foursquare

Stuck in a hours-long hearing with the House Ways and Means Committee? At least you'll be able to tell the world about it, now that the hearing room itself is a venue on Foursquare.

The committee announced appropriately via Twitter on Friday that social network mavens could now update their Facebook and Twitter accounts to inform friends when they are sitting in or near the committee room.

It is not immediately clear whether committee members or staff, or an interested bystander, added the venue to the Foursquare site. Still, only one user so far has "checked in" -- or updated his or her Twitter account to show he or she recently entered the room.

But the House Ways and Means Committee is hardly the only area of the U.S. Capitol already registered on the growing, geo-location website.

A brief search reveals that the House Foreign Affairs, House Judiciary, House Energy and Commerce, House Oversight, Senate Banking and Senate Commerce Committee hearing rooms are all venues currently listed on Foursquare.

So too is the entire House of Representatives, and the lower chamber's floor -- which has a "mayor," or a most checked-in user, who isn't the House Speaker -- as well as the Senate, the Senate dining room, and a series of other offices scattered across the Capitol.

Elsewhere, the White House Rose Garden, Visitor Center, Conference Center, South Lawn and Oval Office (somehow) have also been added to Foursquare. Those entries could be fake, however, as many users often try to dupe the system and make it seem as if they are in locations they are not.