Commerce Department gives website extreme makeover

The Department of Commerce gave its website a serious facelift Monday with the help of the new, open-source Drupal content system that is already running a number of other White House and agency webpages.

"Our new site has a few things in common with our old site -- it's the central clearing house for the latest information about everything that's happening at the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Just like the old site, it has top news, easy access to press releases and background information about the Department," wrote T. Neil Sroka the director of New Media for the Department of Commerce, in a blog post on Monday.

"That said, this site has a number of new tools and features that we hope you'll find useful. For example, the main source for information on this site is The Commerce Blog, and like most blogs, it allows you to respond to each individual story using comments and subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS reader."

A lot has changed between the two versions of the site -- the layout only being the most obvious. For the sake of comparison, here's how the Commerce Department's Web presence looked from its launch in 2009 until only this weekend (see right). The Commerce Department even has created a link to the old version of its pages so users can witness the difference firsthand.