Airline employment down slightly

The number of U.S. airline employees dipped 1,732 in the month of January, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Department of Transportation.
There were 569,787 airline employees in January, compared to 568,055 in December. In January 2010, U.S. airlines employed 563,015 people.
The largest major commercial airline employer was Delta, which had 71,298 full-time workers and 11,833 part-time employees for a total of 83,131. The largest overall employer was FedEx, which had 95,164 full-time employees and 47,980 part-time workers for a total of 143,144.
Recently merged United and Continental airlines had 82,801 employees for January 2011. AirTran and Southwest airlines, which have also agreed to come together, had 43,740 employees.
The full numbers can be viewed here