Dem lawmaker slams Florida governor on high-speed rail

Brown questioned Scott about another proposed railway — a commuter-rail project in Orlando called SunRail — Scott has said he is reviewing.

Rail supporters in Florida are worried that system could be next on Scott's deep-six list, the paper said Brown told Scott.

“Everyone is on eggshells," Brown said. "I’m not on eggshells. I want to know where we are going.”

Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns, also of Florida, reportedly stepped in to end the conversation between Brown and Scott. Scott said he was just "making sure the local communities understand that the way it works under the public transportation [rules] in our state."

"That it comes out of their district money and that they understand, on a state level, what our commitment is for seven years [and] at the end of that timeframe, the local communities are responsible,” he said, according to the newspaper.