Flight attendants union lauds bin Laden killing

“September 11th showcased the tremendous bravery of flight attendants," Nelson said. "Our heroes on those four fateful flights acted as first responders. They relayed the first intelligence of the day that served to alert our country and our fellow crewmembers on flight 93 who in turn acted without reservation against evil, sacrificing their own lives to protect our country and lives of countless others."

Nelson said that bin Laden has forever changed the flight attendant profession.

“Every day since September 11th, flight attendants go to work with an even greater sense of responsibility," she said. "We know that not only are we first responders to emergencies affecting the health and safety of our passengers and other crewmembers, we are also our nation’s last line of defense in aviation security.

“Twenty-five Flight Attendants died on September 11th," Nelson concluded. "Today, and every day, we honor their memory.  We will never forget.”