GOP Senators, SC Gov. Nikki Haley demand Obama take stand on NLRB Boeing lawsuit

DeMint likewise casted the lawsuit in stark terms, saying "Every business in America should see this as a personal threat."

The Chamber said it hosted the press conference Tuesday to call attention to the NLRB lawsuit because it was "overreaching."

"The precedent that the NLRB is attempting to establish here is so fundamentally unsound and troublesome that it cannot be ignored,” Chamber Vice President Randy Johnson said in a statement. “The board has chosen to adhere to an ideological agenda rather than sound economic and labor policy and the ramifications could be catastrophic for American job creators.”

Republicans have been using the lawsuit to argue that the Obama administration is too friendly with labor unions. Likely GOP presidential candidate and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wrote an op-ed criticizing the lawsuit, and he called it "preposterous" in the first GOP debate in South Carolina last week.

Boeing Vice President J. Michael Luttig will testify before a Senate committee this week.