White House keeps its distance from Boeing lawsuit

"I don't have a reaction to this from the president," Carney said. "And I think the fact that he’s weighed in on outside issues doesn't mean that he will weigh in on an independent agency’s enforcement action."

Carney quickly pivoted to one of the White House's preferred economic talking points for the week, the announcement that General Motors would invest $2 billion in plants across the country as it continues recovering from bankruptcy.
"On the broader point about capitalism and our support for it, I just want to remind you that yesterday General Motors announced that it would hire 4,200 workers at 17 of its plants around the country," Carney said. 

The White House has taken credit for the GM turnaround, saying that President Obama's "tough love" during his stewardship of the bailout the company received put it on the right track.

Boeing Vice President and General Counsel J. Michael Luttig will testify before a Senate committee Thursday morning.