Paper: DC MetroRail expansion to Dulles Airport could affect VA Senate race

"Virginia voters are familiar with Allen's widely publicized use of the term 'macaca' ('monkey') to describe an Indian-American Webb volunteer caught videotaping one of Allen's 2006 campaign appearances," the article continued. "In contrast, one of Kaine's top 'accomplishments' as governor is about to blow up in vote-rich Northern Virginia. It was Kaine who handed over the paid-for, revenue-producing Dulles Toll Road to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority without bothering to ask the General Assembly for its approval.

"Thanks to Kaine, Dulles Toll Road commuters are now facing steeply escalating tolls that will reach as high as $10 one way by 2020," the article says.

The newspaper points out the the MetroRail expansion is being managed by appointed rather than elected officials.

"No other mega-transit project in the country relies on such an unfair funding mechanism," the article states.

Plans call for the first leg of the Dulles expansion, which has been informally dubbed the Silver Line, to open in 2013, just as Virginia's new senator would be taking office. The second leg of the route, which would go to Dulles Airport, is currently scheduled to open in 2016.

Recent polls show Kaine and Allen in a dead heat, though Allen faces opposition in the Republican primary, so he is not totally assured of being the GOP nominee.