Rep. Shuster withdraws FAA amendment opposed by Capt. 'Sully,' Continental accident victims

"However, after 4 years of delay and 18 short term extensions, it is vital that Congress pass the long overdue FAA Reauthorization bill," Shuster continued. "It is apparent that the inclusion of my amendment in the FAA bill may slow down conference negotiations and delay the adoption of this critical legislation to dramatically reform and streamline Federal Aviation Administration programs, modernize the nation’s aviation system, and spark much needed job-creation through aviation infrastructure improvements. Therefore, I have withdrawn my amendment to remove this possible impediment to the bill’s final adoption and enactment.”

Next week, the House will take up a 19th stopgap measure to fund the Federal Aviation Administration, though the Obama administration and House Republican leaders have both said they would rather see a long-term funding bill. That is being held up however by a dispute over labor rights for airline and railroad employees.

The House and Senate have passed vastly different versions of the bill. Among the differences is a labor provision that would reverse new rules adopted by the National Mediation Board that would make it easier for workers to organize.  That provision is in the House bill but not the Senate legislation.

Additionally, the House passed a four-year, $59 billion measure, while Senate passed a two-year, $34.5 billion bill.

The current short-term FAA funding bill ends May 31.