No lasers on a plane: FAA imposes fines for lights in flight

Under the new rules, the FAA can impose fines up to $11,000 per violation for lasers. The agency there have been 1,100 cases this year already, up from just 300 in 2005. Last year, there were 2,836 instances of lasers being pointed at cockpits, the FAA said.

In 2010, Los Angeles International Airport had the most laser incidents on flights originating there with 102, the FAA said. It was followed by Chicago's O'Hare International Airport with 98.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood praised the FAA for taking a "no-nonsense approach" to the problem.

"At DOT, our top priority is safety," LaHood wrote Wednesday on his "FastLane" blog on the DoT's Website. "And we can't afford to hesitate when someone threatens that safety."