Capt. 'Sully's' plane headed to NC museum, by way of Maryland highways

The agency was live tweeting its route on its @MDSHA Twitter page Tuesday.

"Capt. Sully's plane is on the move from Perryville," one update at about 10 a.m. said.

"Large load carrying plane just crossed Susquehanna River-now in Harford County," said another update that followed shortly thereafter.

Sullenberger became a national figure after both of the engines in his Airbus lost power when the plane flew through a flock of birds on Jan. 15, 2009. Sullenberger realized he did not have the time to return to nearby LaGuardia Airport, where the plane had departed for Charlotte, N.C., so the pilot landed the plane in middle of the Hudson.

Passengers and crew were rescued by ferries. Many of the 155 who survived the emergency landing stood on the aircraft’s wings as the plane slowly sank into the river.