New Jersey Dems slam spending cuts in rail security

“Yet just weeks after reports that hand written notes from Osama bin Laden were found in his compound targeting our rails, the Tea Party Republicans in the House slashed funding for rail security," he continued.  "The Republican cuts to homeland security funding are reckless and dangerous for New Jersey and I’m going to fight in the Senate to defeat them.”  

Holt, whose district includes the Trenton Transit Center, agreed.

“In the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, we learned that Al Qaeda was actively plotting to attack the U.S. passenger rail system,” Holt said.  “Republicans have reacted to this news by slashing funding for rail security.  Even from a purely budgetary perspective, cutting rail security is penny-wise and pound-foolish.  A successful attack against a Northeast Corridor rail station could cost taxpayers billions in economic damage, lost revenue, and lost jobs – above and beyond the tragic loss of life.”

Lautenberg's subcommittee will hold its hearing on rail security Tuesday.