Airlines bring in $3 billion in bag fees in 2010

American airline companies generated $3.4 billion in revenue from baggage fees in 2010, according to statistic released Monday by the Department of Transportation.

The DOT's Bureau of Transportation Statistics said the companies brought it another $2.3 billion in reservation change fees.

Bag fees, which have drawn the ire of some consumer groups, were introduced to combat rising gas prices in 2008, when the price of barrel of oil first topped $100. They've remained in place as gas prices have fluctuated, though Monday a barrel was priced at $96.90.

Delta Airlines generated the most in bag fees in 2010, bringing in $952 million. American Airlines came in second with $580 million. The airlines generated $698 million and $471 million in reservation change fees respectively. 

The report on bag fees can be read here and the numbers on reservation changes can be viewed here.