Va. GOP presses Kaine on NLRB Boeing case

Virginia Attorney Ken Cuccinelli agreed.

"This NLRB assault is a jobs creation program... for China," Cuccinelli said in a statement. "Does Tim KaineTim KaineWasserman Schultz dodges question about DNC emails Kaine tweets with the cast of 'Veep' Kaine responds to Trump tweet on Dwyane Wade’s cousin MORE really support this sort of extra-legal, Virginia-job-destroying policy? I think Virginians deserve the right to know before Kaine is given power to affect the NLRB in the U.S. Senate."

Kaine's campaign responded Wednesday that the former Virginia governor "supports the existing law that a company can open, locate or relocate wherever it wants.

"He relied on that law to get many businesses to locate in Virginia during his time as governor, earning Virginia the distinction of the "Best State for Business" all four years of his term," Kaine spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said in a statement.

But Kaine did not dismiss the NLRB case out of hand.

"Of course, it has long been the law that a company cannot retaliate against employees for bargaining activity," Hoffine continued. "The current NLRB case isn't about the right to locate anywhere, it's about the narrow question of whether Boeing is acting specifically to retaliate against its own employees. That factual question will be decided by the courts."

Hoffine also noted that Allen has declined to take positions on other federal issues, such as Rep. Paul RyanPaul RyanClinton, Trump sharpen attacks Donald Trump hasn’t moved an inch on immigration Politicians share pup pics for National Dog Day MORE's (R-Wisc.) budget plan.