Center for American Progress: Jobs report calls for bigger transportation bill

Cooper said the current debate in the Capitol over the federal debt ceiling was  giving cover to those who came to Washington to 'starve the beast.'"

"Right now, when so much of our infrastructure is crumbling and the economy is on the brink, this approach is simply perilous," she wrote.

"Democrats and Republicans agree on few things, but one of them is that public investments in infrastructure create jobs—more so than any other public spending," she continued. "That’s why Mica’s cuts to infrastructure spending are so misguided. They will particularly hurt America’s small businesses, who are the biggest players in infrastructure work. Small firms deliver the concrete and asphalt needed for construction, as well as labor. Pennsylvania officials tracked the impact of federal stimulus to roads and found that nearly $7 out of every $10 went to purchase materials, labor, and services of small businesses.

"Bottom line: The Mica bill spends too little and doesn’t do enough to stimulate new private investment," Cooper concluded. 

Leaders in the Senate have proposed spending $109 billion over two-years on a new transportation bill.