TSA 'groper' explains she felt threatened by pat-down

TSA officials noted that Mihamae was not being given a pat-down when the incident occurred, but she said in her radio interview that she has frequently received them in the past.

"I started this job in May and I've been subject to aggressive pat-downs a few times … (where they are) grabbing my breast, grabbing all my sore sensitive area, from my side to the front of my body, to the inside of my thigh," Mihamae said. "I just suffer so much from being subject to a pat-down."

Mihamae said other passengers in line with her were given the option of going through metal detectors, but she was told she had to receive a pat-down, the station reported.

"Hearing that I had no choice triggered my panic … I cannot remember all the details," she said. "I was in this space of desperation. My peripheral vision was shrinking. I see all these people surrounding me, including police officers with guns. All these people look taller than me," said Mihamae, who is 5 feet tall.

"I felt the fear, I felt fear of being molested by these people," Miyamae continue. "I cannot tolerate a stranger touching me."

After the incident, Mihamae was arrested for assault. TSA said in a statement at the time that her behavior could not be tolerated.

"TSA officers work every day to protect the traveling public, and the agency will not tolerate assaults against its workforce," TSA said earlier this month.