LaHood: 'Washington still has time' to end FAA impasse

The House has already adjourned for its August recess until September, but Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made the case Tuesday that lawmakers still had time to end the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration.

In an op-ed in Tuesday's print edition of The Hill, LaHood, a former representative who is no doubt familiar with how much Congress looks forward to its annual summer break, said that lawmakers did not have to rush to get to their recess.

"I’ve devoted the better part of my career to Congress," LaHood wrote. "I worked as a congressional staffer for 17 years and served as a member of Congress for 14. My message to my former colleagues is this: Don’t race to your departure gate while leaving America’s air transportation system grounded.

"With one act — with a vote that you’ve already cast 20 times — you can put almost 75,000 people back to work immediately," he continued. "For the sake of our communities, our economy and the best aviation system in the world, let’s give the politics an August rest — and cut American workers a much-needed break."