Airports Council: Fund improvement program in 2013

Principato said the airport improvement program has been funded at the same levels as in 2006, which makes it difficult to budget for rising construction projects.

He said the need for airport construction warranted additional funding in 2013.

"According to both [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)] and industry studies, the need for [airport improvement projects (AIP)] far exceeds existing grants, therefore any proposed reductions to AIP funding will mean significant delays for vital safety, security and modernization projects, negatively impacting the traveling public and ultimately our national economy," he said.

The Airports Council has used the recess period to urge Congress to act on aviation-related funding in several areas. The organization has pushed for a long-term appropriations bill for the FAA and asked by the president and the deficit-reduction supercommittee to allow the aviation industry to raise fees paid by passengers for airport construction.