Targeted GOP lawmaker strikes back at Dems over FAA shutdown

"It’s unfortunate that some are now pointing fingers, as this dilutes our number one priority of creating sustainable jobs for Minnesotans," Cravaack continued. "I urge Senator Reid and Chairman Rockefeller to complete a long-term FAA bill that can be signed into law to help this troubled economy, instead of a temporary extension.”
Cravaack represents Minnesota's 8th district, the seat long held by former Democratic Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar. Prior to the election, Cravaack was seen as an underdog to the 18-term incumbent who had led the transportation since Democrats won the House in 2006.

Because his district had been represented by a Democrat for so long prior to the 2010 election, Cravaack could face a tough race when he runs for reelection next year.

The partial shutdown of the FAA, which led to about 4,000 workers being furloughed, was projected to have cost the federal government $30 million per day for the 13 days it lasted.

The bill that ended the shutdown only appropriates money to the FAA through Sept. 16, so lawmakers will likely have to revisit the issue when they return from their August recess next week.