Air Transport Association targets Obama tax proposal on flights

The ATA said that, currently, passengers pay 20 percent of their airfare in taxes to the federal government, which adds up to about $61 on a $300 plane ticket.

The group said it was not opposed to working with the Obama administration, but it argues the airline industry already has a big enough tax burden.

“We are saddled with tax and regulatory mandates and restrictions that are unheard of for other industries,” Calio said in his speech, which was given at the International Aviation Club of Washington.

"We are ready and willing to work collaboratively with the U.S. Government on our nation’s priorities for the future, using all the good work that has already been done. We need an airline policy that will treat our airlines like the global businesses they are, and enable them to operate as such,” he continued.

Earlier Tuesday, another group, the Alliance for Aviation Across America, criticized Obama for frequently suggesting that private jet owners are wealthy individuals who could afford to pay higher taxes.