New York City gets authority to use buses for Occupy Wall Street arrests

"The Transport Workers Union Local 100 applauds the courage of the young people on Wall Street who are dramatically demonstrating for what our position has been for some time: the shared sacrifice preached by government officials looks awfully like a one-way street," the union says on its Website. "Workers and ordinary citizens are putting up all the sacrifice, and the financiers who imploded our economy are getting away scot-free, increasing their holdings and bonuses."

The judge that denied the union effort to bar the city from using buses to move arrested protested, U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer, ruled from the bench that the hand book for New York City bus trip says they can be used to assist police, the Associated Press is reporting.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been demonstrating in Lower Manhattan for two weeks, railing against policies they argue benefit the wealthy over the rest of the American population.

The group has not yet made any specific policy suggestions, and it has thus far appeared to draw participation from a wide ideological spectrum as its argument is largely populist.