Lawmakers criticize proposed taxes on flight takeoffs

"Commercial aviation is responsible for more than 10 million jobs and $1 trillion in economic activity," the letter continues. "Today it is facing high fuel costs and a slow economy. The proposed flight departure fee would cost the airlines $1 billion a year. We should not put significant new costs on commercial airlines."

The lawmakers also argued against implementing the fees on private fights, which have been a frequent target of President Obama and Democrats in Congress.

"The House has rejected previous proposals regarding user fees on general aviation, and we should do so again this time," the letter says. "Imposing such a fee would stifle this industry, as has been the case in other countries where user fees have been in place.

"General aviation is an important contributor to our economy, with 1.3 million jobs and $150 billion in economic activity each year."

The president's plan also includes a $7.50 increase in the security taxes passengers pay each way on trips.