Airline employment down

Airline employment down

Employment in the U.S. airline industry decreased by 2.2 percent from August 2012 to August 2013, according to statistics released on Tuesday by the Department of Transportation. 

The DOT's Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) said that U.S airlines had 380,328 workers in August 2013, which is the most recent data that is available.

The number is an 8,672 job decline from the 389,000 employees that were recorded in August 2012, the Transportation Department said. 

The largest employer in August 2013 was United Airlines, which had 82,082 employees, according to the aviation employment report. United was followed by Delta Airlines, which had 73,873 employees and American Airlines, which had 59,140 workers. 

Southwest and AirTran Airways, which are currently in the process of merging, were the largest low-cost airline employers, with 45,000 employees combined. Southwest and AirTran were followed in the low-cost airline employment rankings by JetBlue Airlines, which had 12,998 employers, and Frontier Airlines, which reported having 3,550 workers. 

The full airline employment report can be read here.