Labor fight threatens airline merger

The merger of US Airways and American Airlines is facing turbulence because of a labor dispute, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The airlines are expected to bring their merger in for a landing on Monday, but the companies have not yet reached a deal with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union, which represents US Air’s mechanics.

US Air is concerned that the union will interrupt flights to convince the company to come to terms on a labor agreement, according to the paper.

“If mechanics and related employees collectively engage in the behavior encouraged by these campaigns, it will likely result in flight delays and/or cancellations impacting the traveling public during the upcoming travel holiday,” US Airways Vice President of Labor Relations E. Allen Hemenway wrote in a letter to the union.

The paper reported the union has denied any plans to cause issues with US Air flights during the holiday season.

The company is scheduled to formally close its merger with American on Dec. 9.