NTSB reschedules Asiana plane crash hearing

The National Transportation Safety Board is rescheduling a hearing that was planned for Tuesday on the summer crash of an Asiana Airlines airplane in San Francisco. 

The delay, which the agency attributed to inclement weather in the Washington, D.C., area on Tuesday, marks the second time the hearing has been pushed back. 

A prior date was missed because of the two-week government shutdown in October.

The federal government closed again on Tuesday, though this time it was only because of the weather.

The accident investigation agency did not set a new date for its hearing.

The accident involved a Boeing 777 that crashed landed as it was approaching the San Francisco International Airport at the conclusion of a 10-hour flight from Korea.

Investigators have said the plane was flying more than 30 knots slower than it should have been.

The accident resulted in the deaths of two passengers and injured more than 180 others.