Delta: We’re more than just an airline

Delta: We’re more than just an airline
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Delta Airlines is positioning itself to be more than an airline, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Delta President Ed Bastian told financial analysts that his company was looking beyond the traditional scope of airlines, according to the report.

“We no longer benchmark ourselves to the airline set,” Bastian said.

The comments came as Delta announced a record $2.6 billion profit in 2013.

“It really has been a banner year for Delta,” Delta Chief Revenue Officer Glen Hauenstein said, according to the report. “It’s been a great year.”

Hauenstein said was looking to promote an enjoyable overall flying experience to passengers, not just a cheap ticket.

“In the past, the only thing you bought from an airline was the ticket, and it led to the terrible feeling that you paid $700, and the person who sat next to you paid $79, and you received the exact same flight experience,” he said.