Report: TSA fires worker for anti-Muslim Facebook posts

"Does anything at all make you smile more than a Muslim burning by his own hateful hand," he alleged said in another post.

After being fired, Egan has defended his posts on the same Facebook page that led to his removal.

"It has now been a Month since I was Targeted … for exercising my Freedom of Speech on this very Internet Forum," he said in a post on Nov. 7. 

"Since that day my life has become a downward spiral. I have lost my Living after 9 years with the DHS/TSA even though TSA admits I have 'No History of Formal Discipline'  and 'Your Performance... appraisals have been Acceptable,' " he continued. "This is including 2 Role Model of Excellence evaluations which is the Highest Rating a TSA/TSO can get."

"My personal life is in shambles, and I spent a week in the Hospital," Egan also said in the post. "On top of all this I cannot find an Attorney to Defend me. I have Never been the type to beg for help, but I am now. I need a Lawyer with the Guts to fight for the 1st Amendment, and Im asking all of you for help in finding this person."