NY mayor promises to boost airport workers’ salaries

NY mayor promises to boost airport workers’ salaries
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is promising to work to boost airport worker salaries, the New York Daily News reports

De Blasio told the paper that airport workers should get a “living wage” that is higher than federal and state minimum wage rates.

“Anyone who works at the airport, we depend on,” de Blasio said. “And they deserve decent wages and benefits, and I’ll certainly do all in my power to help them get it.”

De Blasio was elected last year after running a populist campaign that sharply criticized his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg (I), for being indifferent to the concerns of less affluent New Yorkers.

The new mayor said his support of boosting the pay of airport workers was consistent with his 2013 campaign themes.

“I’ve said this for the last year,” de Blasio told the paper. “We have to use the tools we have to improve wages and benefits. Folks have to make a living wage. They have to have decent benefits.”