Rep. Cravaack lauds House approval of TSA military screening bill

“In respect to our men and women in uniform and in the best interest of our national security, this bipartisan initiative is the least we could do for our military personnel and their families traveling our nation’s airports while serving our country," he continued. "I urge the Senate to quickly take action.”

The TSA, which is regularly under fire for using such techniques as pat-downs and body scanners, is currently moving toward a “risk-based” system that would consider a passenger’s background information in his or her screening.

Cravaack said the TSA was testing a program that would use Department of Defense "Common Access Card" to quickly identify - and clear for flights - military personnel.

Cravaack attributed the program to the popularity of bill, which has been dubbed the "Risk-Based Security Screening for Members of the Armed Forces Act" (H.R. 1801).