Union labels Mica labor bill a 'smokescreen' on FAA funding

The CWA said the bill is another effort by Mica, who led an unsuccessful effort to reverse the NMB change in a funding bill for the FAA, to attack labor unions.

"Workers have a right to decertify a union under current law," CWA communications director Candice Johnson said in a statement.

"John Mica is not only blurring that simple fact with his latest smokescreen, he’s relying on that and stalling tactics to change the focus from where it belongs — on the fact that he and Delta Air Lines remain insistent on blocking the benefits of the FAA reauthorization bill over unrelated union provisions,” Johnson continued.

In a statement announcing the filing of the bill, Mica painted a different picture, saying, "[T]his bill simply ensures that changes recently made by the National Mediation Board making it easier for airline and railway workers to unionize also apply to disbanding a union.

"When the NMB changed 75 years of precedent to lower the threshold for unionization, it left in place the much more difficult process to leave a union," he said. "By ensuring equal standards for both processes, this legislation restores fairness to how unions are formed and decertified at our airlines and railways.”