Court orders quick review of adverse Calif. high-speed rail rulings

The California Supreme Court is ordering a quick review of adverse rulings against a proposed high-speed railway in the state, the Los Angeles Times reports.

A California Superior Court ruled late last year that the funding plan for the proposal was insufficient because the state had not identified the source of all of its portion of the construction costs.

The lower court also ruled the California High-Speed Rail Authority did not have the proper jurisdiction to issue bonds to finance the construction of the train.

The Times reported Thursday that the California Supreme Court ordered the appeals court that is handling the case to issue a ruling by Feb. 10 so that construction could remain on schedule if the rulings are overturned.

The California high-speed rail proposal calls for trains to run between San Francisco, Los Angeles and other major California cities. The proposal has received more than $3 billion from the Obama administration, but critics have argued that it will not achieve enough ridership to maintain the cost of its operations once it is built.